Velvet Knitted Weighted Blanket, Hand Made Chunky Knit Weighted Throw for Sleep, Stress or Home Décor, Rest and Relax in Style Handmade Weighted Blankets

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Blanket Form Weighted Blanket
Color Velvet Dark Grey
Fabric Type Weighted Blanket Offers a Natural Way to Help Calm Your Body for a Restful Night of Sleep; Great Calming Sensory Blanket for Adults and Children to Help Decompress and Provide Weighted Blanket Offers a Natural Way to Help Calm Your Body for a Restful Night of Sleep;
Product Care Instructions Machine Wash

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Because it is knitted evenly so the weight is distributed evenly and can hold up even for years to come. And the weight comes from the chunky yarn which filled with 100% hollow fiber so it is sturdy and long lasting and beads leak free. Perfect for cuddling up on the couch, bed or chair to read a book, watch a show or snuggle with your partner, child or pet. Relaxing and cozy!


Weighted Blanket maintains superior breathability and ventilation because of the free airflow via loops on the blanket, so when it laid on you or wrapped around you, it won’t retain too much heat, but only give you soothing and relaxing hugging feel.


Knitted Weighted Blanket is an updated, newer version of ordinary weighted blanket, it is hand made, and the blanket weight is adjusted via the diameter of the chunky yarn and the density of the knitted blanket.


Machine washable. No-shed and safe for all skin types. Three sizes available: 50''x60'' 10lbs for kids or adults weigh between 50lbs~100lbs use on couch or bed , 48''x72'' 12lbs blanket for adults weigh about 90lbs - 130lbs, 60''x80'' 15lbs blanket for 110lbs - 190lbs, 60''x80'' 20lbs for adults weigh above 190lbs

Good Review

First off, this is a well made knitted blanket that breathes. I have both this one as well as a regular weighted blanket using glass beads for weight, also made by this company, in bamboo with multiple duvet options depending on the temperature. Comparing the two, the knitted version provides a more uniform weight distribution than the beaded version. The knitted version is also cooler than my other with a Minky duvet on it—I have not compared it with my bamboo duvet as it is currently too cold for it. The weave of the knitted version does allow ones toes through—not my favorite for sleeping—so I’ve found myself using it more for cuddling up while reading in a chair, but if I’m hot flashing and my Minky version is too warm, the knitted one is a great fast option rather than changing duvets in the middle of the night. I enjoy and use both of my weighted blankets. If trying to decide between them, the glass bead version is cheaper, the duvet covers give one ways to change the warmth rating and easily keep the blanket clean, and I find it better for night sleeping (don’t get body parts stuck through the knit). The knitted version is texturally pleasing, breathes far better, has more uniform weight distribution without “pressure” points, but obviously has the same sorts of issues that one would have with any knitted product. I do not regret either purchase.


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