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Hangzhou Kuangs Textile Co., ltd. is a professional manufacturer of weighted blanket, Chunky Knitted Blanket, puffy blanket, camping blanket and large selection of bedding products, such as down duvets, silk quilts, mattress protectors, duvet covers, etc. The company opened its first home textile mill in 2010 and later expanded production to achieve vertical competitive edge from material till finished products. In 2010, our sales turnover reaches $90 m, employing more than 500 personnel, our company is equipped with 2000 sets of manufacturing facilities.Our goal is to provide our customers with competitive prices and good service without compromising the quality of our product.

20 Alibaba stores and 7 Amazon sotres are signed;
Annual sales volume $100 Million UsD is hit;
Number of total employees 500 is reached, including 60 sales, 300 workpeople in factory;
Area of factory 40,000 SQM is acquired;
Area of office 6,000 SQM is purchased;
A range of product categories 40 is covered, including weighted blanket, fleece, sports & entertainments, pets side lines, clothing, tea sets, etc.; (partly shown on Page "Product Lines" )
Annual blanket production volume: 3.5 million pc for 2021, 5 million pc for 2022, 12 million pc for 2023 and since;

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Our History

The story began with Kuangs Textile Co., Ltd founded by Mr.Peak Kuang and Mr.Magne Kuang, who built this Group from nothing but two young brothers;
Aug 2010
Aug 2013
Kuangs Textile opened his 1st Alibaba store, pronouncing the sales channels were expanded from domestic to international with focus on B2B business;
Overseas sales grew stably for nearly two years, and the 2nd Alibaba store was opened; Meanwhile, our first OEM factory (1,000 SQM) was put into production;
Mar 2015
Apr 2015
Weighted Blanket was lauched by Kuangs Textile as the first ever globally massive manufacturer;
The factory expansion (1,000 to 3,000 SQM) was completed to catch up with insane sales growth of Weighted Blanket and its Side-Line Range; Annual Sales Record hit $20 Million USD;
Jan 2017
Feb 2017
Our 1st Amazon store was opened, pronouncing the sales channels expanded to B2C business;
Our 1st internal R&D Team & QC Team was built, providing more vigour to the production lines;
May 2017
Oct 2017
Kuangs Textile Group was founded, with subsidiaries inlcluding Kuangs Textile, Gravity Industrial, Yolanda Import & Export, Zonli and other 7 companies;
Office separated from factory and moved to Binjiang, Hangzhou, China (shown in the right figure);
Nov 2019
Mar 2020
Import and Export business became one of the sales main forces, product line expanded from textile catalog to sports & entertainments/pets side-lines/clothing/tea sets, etc.;
The 20th Alibaba store and 7th Amazon store were signed while our factory expanded to 30,000 SQM, and annual sales record hit $100 Million USD;
Dec 2020
Jan 2021
Acquired Zhejiang Zhongzhou Tech and obtained its factory (40,000 SQM), which was scheduled to complete workshop construction and renovation by the end of 2021, and be put into production by the mid of 2022;
Weighted Blanket and its business development story in Kuangs was assessed as “Phenomenal Business Success in Last Decade” by Alibaba Official;
Mar 2021
Aug 2021
Total number of employees reached 500+, and accumulative quantity of blanket production reached 10 million pieces since 2017;