When it comes to sleeping, dogs are just like humans - they have their preferences. And those wants and needs for comfort aren't static. Much like yours, they change over time. To find the ideal dog bed for your canine companion, you should consider breed, age, size, coat, and habits. These elements all play a role in the best shapes, structures, and materials for your pet to sleep soundly. Also, ask yourself if you need an outdoor dog bed that's waterproof or a comfy indoor one.

What You Need to Know About Dog Beds

A quick search on the internet shows you just how many dog bed designs there are. These days, manufacturers make them as cute as your animal. They're built like miniature sofas with bone pillows, chaise lounges, dresser drawers, and canopy beds. You can buy them in novelty designs: a slipper, a race car, a hot dog bun, a donut. Some are foldable or collapsible, while others you can blow up and deflate to take camping with your pet.

But what's most important is how the bed makes your dog feel. The materials - plush versus mesh, for instance - determine whether or not your pet will actually want to sleep there. So will the height and depth of the bed. In addition, take into account how your dog sleeps, both during the day and at night. A Lhasa Apso who lives in a warm climate may not want to snuggle into the mouth of a shark for a snooze, and an older Labrador Retriever with achy joints can't climb the stairs of a bunk bed. Dogs who like to sprawl versus those who curl up in tight spots and tuck their noses in their tails also have specific preferences.

Dog Bed FAQs

Do dogs need a bed?
Just like humans, dogs need beds for multiple reasons. Not only do dog beds greatly benefit the joint health of canines, but they also offer a safe place where dogs can go to unwind and feel comfortable. Plus, having your dog sleep in one place makes cleaning easier for you.

What is the most durable dog bed?
All types of dog beds can be durable if made with the right materials. If you have a very destructive dog, a raised bed made of aluminum may be the best option.

Do dogs prefer hard or soft beds?
The ideal dog bed is a perfect blend of soft yet firm. Your dog's individual needs will determine what dog is a perfect fit. For example, soft, memory foam beds are best for senior dogs with aging joints but harder beds may be better for adult dogs.

How do I keep a dog from destroying their bed?
The best way to keep your dog from destroying their bed is to exercise them regularly and keep them stimulated with interactive toys. You may also need to upgrade your dog bed — look for "chew-proof" and "durable" as key features.

Post time: Jul-27-2022