Hooded Blankets: All You Need To Know

Nothing can beat the feeling of curling up into your bed with big warm duvet covers during cold winter nights. However, warm duvets only work the best when you are seated. As soon as you leave your bed or the couch, you’ll have to leave the comfort and warmth of your blanket.

On the contrary, having an oversized hooded blanket is one of the best things you could invest in, especially if you walk around when it’s chilly. In addition, not only can you carry this huge hooded blanket everywhere with you around your home, but it also protects you from the harsh winter cold.

At KUANGS, we have hooded blankets that cater to all your winter needs.

This guide will go over what hooded blankets are, their fabric, and the benefits of owning one. This way, you will have all the necessary information about what you are investing in.

What is a hooded blanket?

Keeping warm in winters can be a little challenging, especially if you don’t want to waste your money on a thermostat to keep the temperatures low. That’s where a hooded blanket can come in handy. These blankets are usually designed in the same fashion as capes, holding the blanket in place while allowing you to do pretty much everything.
This oversized hoodie also functions as a large hood. It is incredibly comfy and a must-have for those who are always cold. You can take this anywhere with you and whip it out almost anywhere, be it a bonfire with close friends, a day at the beach, or sitting outdoors on a chilly.

What is a hooded blanket made of?

Winters are incomplete without a good fleece blanket. Fleece, otherwise known as polar fleece, is an excellent fabric that keeps you warm during the winters. Not only that, it is highly breathable and perfect for chilly nights outdoors. The fibers used to make this fabric are made of hydrophobic—they resist water from permeating the layers. This allows the fleece to have outstanding water-repellent properties that subsequently result in its lightweight nature.
Fleece is made from different raw materials, including polyester called polyethylene terephthalate (PET), cotton, and other synthetic fibers. These materials are brushed and woven together in a lightweight fabric. At times, recycled materials are also used to make fleece. Although it was initially introduced to imitate wool, it is used widely not as a replacement for the fabric but because it’s durable and easy to care for.

Some advantages of a hooded blanket

Although hooded blankets have been super trendy, amassing all the hype from people for the past few years, they also offer several benefits for the person wearing them. Let’s breeze through some advantages that hooded blankets provide:

Provides comfort
Hooded blankets are lightweight and warm, making them super comfortable for the wearer. The right oversized hood makes you feel like you’re wrapped in a warm duvet without being covered in one.

It fits almost any size
The hooded blanket comes in a size that fits all, from teenagers, women, and men. As a result, everyone can take advantage of the comfort offered by hooded blankets.

It comes in different colors
This giant comfy blanket comes in different colors to match your style. At KUANGS, we offer customized services of colors. This can surely fit your taste and aesthetic no matter what you need this hooded blanket for.

It helps you stay active
When you’re in your blanket, you’re more or less confined to your bed, but with hooded blankets, you can feel like you are covered in a blanket, but you can walk around in it. The fabric is extremely lightweight, allowing you to roam around and do whatever you want with the oversized hood on.

Allows you to cover your head
People often overlook their heads when it comes to covering up during the winters. However, with hooded blankets, you will not forget that bit. Cold can get to the head quickly, and to avoid that from happening, a hooded blanket comes with a head covering, keeping you warm and protected.

Looks cute
Many people love the idea of spending winters wearing warm and cozy clothes. However, you don’t need to put an outfit together or layer it with a hooded blanket. Instead, you can throw one on and sit or walk around your house without worrying about not looking good.

Post time: Sep-20-2022