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Keywords:                        Water Heating Mattress
L x W x H:                         17.8*17.8*15cm
Power Source:                  Electric
Power (W):                        265
Voltage (V):                       220
Use:                                     Bedroom, Living Room, Hospital, HOME, Hotel
Material:                            100% Polyester
Temperature:                    20-60℃
Weight:                               2-3Kg
Connecting Hose:            95cm
After-sales Service:          Free spare parts, Return and Replacement, Overseas Call Centers
Warranty:                           1 Year
Installation:                        PORTABLE
App-Controlled:                NO
Function:                            Adjustable Thermostat, Overheat Protection, Remote Controlled
Delivery:                             3-15 Days for stock
MOQ:                                  50

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Product name
Water Heated Blanket
Hospital, HOME, Hotel
17.8cm * 17.8 cm *15cm
Waterproof, Solar Panel, Insulated, Thermal, Eco friendly
Place of Orign
Adjustable Temperature
Custom Logo
Delivery Time
3-7days for stock

Product Description

Soft Skin Water Heating Blanket
Soft Skin Water Heating Blanket2
Soft Skin Water Heating Blanket3
Soft Skin Water Heating Blanket4
Soft Skin Water Heating Blanket5
Soft Skin Water Heating Blanket6
Soft Skin Water Heating Blanket7
Soft Skin Water Heating Blanket8
Soft Skin Water Heating Blanket9
Soft Skin Water Heating Blanket10
Soft Skin Water Heating Blanket11
Soft Skin Water Heating Blanket12
Soft Skin Water Heating Blanket13
Soft Skin Water Heating Blanket14
Soft Skin Water Heating Blanket15

Warm Water Circulation Heating, Like Being In a Hot Spring SPA
The plumbing blanket is heated by the warm water circulation, without affecting the indoor air humidity, while preventing the loss of body water and keeping the skin moisturized. Such as being in hot spring water, warm and moisturizing.

Dual Temperature and Dual Control Independent Left and Right Control
Rely on the high and low temperature knob of the water separator o the blanket to control to achieve the purpose of temperature contro For example, if the temperature of the host is set to 40°Cturningof the flow rate control knob on the side will reduce the water supply volume on this side. If the water supply volume is smallthe temperature will naturally be relatively low.

The Electric Heated Blanket Has Radiation. We are Water Heated Blanket. The hydro-electricity separation structure realizes the warm water circulation in the blanket.
Baking dehumidification. Especially suitable for drying bedding on rainy days

Hard Cotton Slotting Technology Tatami Seamless Sleep Feeling Heating does not Soften, Tasteless and not Pungent, Even Heat, No Water Leakage, Not Afraid of Folding.
3-layer non-woven fabric. Lightweight, breathable, moisture-proofand flexible. Embedded hose layer. Baby bottle grade plastic, no smell when heated. High resilience sponge. Soft and porous, shock and wear resistance.
Diamond fleece. Bright luster, soft touch.

Extra Thick Hard Cotton
It adopts the new cotton ofthe season and double-layer textile technology to lock in warmth and keep warm.The thickness ofthe blanket is equivalent to the thickness ofthree mobile phones.

Skin-friendly Suede
Using the new cotton of the season skin-friendly,breathable,soft and delicate to the touch, can be washed without ball

One Piece
It is processed by a large ultrasonic machine at one time with a five-layer structure,and the subject is shapedsoft and

Multi-function Control Panel
The function of the host is clear at a glance the operation is simple and smooth, the touch and remotecontroldualmode even if it respondsone key to start smart life.

Soft Skin Water Heating Blanket16
Soft Skin Water Heating Blanket17
Soft Skin Water Heating Blanket18

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