Cooling Weighted Blanket 20lbs QueenKing Handmade Knitted Chunky Blankets No Beads 60”x80”Evenly Weighted Breathable Throw Soft Napper Yarn Machine Washable

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A unique new version beadless design– it is hand knitted evenly so the weight is distributed evenly. And the weight comes from the chunky yarn which filled with 100% hollow fiber so it is sturdy and long lasting for years.This is intelligent discovery to completely avoid leaking out beads and Uneven weight from old glass bead weighted blanket.

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More Breathable Cooling Blanket

A perfect way to free the heat with knitted holes. This blanket provides all the same of normal weighted blanket while being much more breathable, comfortable and decorative.This blankets are trendy and will be a great addition to your home, living room, bedroom, dorm room or anywhere around the house.

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Deep Sleep in All-Season

Hand-woven blanket that is made of massive yarn that gives you options to be warm and cool. Get ready to proceed to take a long and blissful nap with our soft blanket.Your cats and dogs will love it too.

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Choosing Weight

We recommend that customers choose a weighted blanket that weigh 7% to 12% of their body weight. For starters, we suggest you choose a lighter weight.

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Cleaning & Caring

Our blankets are machine washable, just put the blanket inside a laundry net bag to prevent entanglement and damage. Proper maintenance can extend the life of the blanket.So we suggest more hand washing or spot washing, less machine washing.Do not iron.

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