4lb. Weighted Shoulder Wrap with Plush Cover, Grey, 23 x 23

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4LB WEIGHTED COMFORT- This wrap is evenly filled with high density glass beads for deep pressure relaxation
TARGETED SUPPORT FOR NECK & SHOULDERS- Weighted glass beads relieve tension & soothe pain by providing steady, soft pressure against the shoulders
GREAT FOR HOME, WORK OR TRAVEL- The snap closure ensures a secure fit while laying down or sitting up in a chair
EASY SPOT CLEAN- The plush anti-microbial cover helps keep you feeling fresh & can be easily spot cleaned as needed
REFRESHING RELAXATION- Fabric features EPA Registered antimicrobial treatment for fresh & clean comfort

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Nowadays, more and more people get shoulders and neck problems because they spend too much time in front of computers or mobile phones, as well as other reasons that cause the pain and stress on our shoulders or neck, making us feel really uncomfortable. The good news is that this weighted neck and shoulder wrap by Kuangs can help to relieve the pain.

Weighted Shoulder Wrap4
Weighted Shoulder Wrap5
Weighted Shoulder Wrap

This weighted wrap can be used for by anybody who got pain in their shoulders or neck, at any time and any occasions.

Just put it on your shoulders when you are working or taking rest. You don't even need to use the microwave to heat it, which is very convenient. We usually put it on our shoulders all day long when working in the office.

The weighted wrap mainly functions on three of our body acupoints, which we call the Golden Triangle. It's just a physical function, and doesn’t cause any side-effects.

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